Alfred Ritchy Fragrances were born in 2020. More than forty years of being immersed in the business endowed the company's owners with the indispensable know-how to understand the market and respond to the evolving clients' needs.

The distinct fragrances are manufactured using the finest ingredients on the French markets and are tailored for him and her. The brand crafted original scents that are all inspired from superior materials and oils. Alfred Ritchy's chemists and perfume creators, inspired by the story of the man behind the perfume, roam the world looking for essential oils, various plants and uncommon flowers in order to produce the most exceptional aromas and flavors. The production process follows the highest standards in making perfume by blending traditional methods with innovative techniques to guarantee the most refined results.

The company also believes in freeing the clientele from gender-imposed perfume choices that have been prevailing for many years. Alfred Ritchy's perfumes for "her and him" cater to all needs by providing scents that are colorful, delightful, ever-evolving, unique, luxurious and affordable at the same time.

The company, already present in numerous points of sale around the world, offers its clientele a fresh look and a thrilling feel in Alfred Ritchy's diverse unisex fragrances.